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Taco Bell 

Tapping into Gen Z Culture 

My role:

Strategy - Narrative - Desk research - Creative concepting - Project Management 



Taco Bell wants to move past "current culture" and be a brand that is a part "of culture". 

Taco Bell knows who they are. They have continued to push the boundaries of quick-service-restaurant through its self-aware humorous late-night menu. 


Our Process 

Creating a vibe in which Taco Bell can continue owning the night-time cravings. 



Taco Bell has remained a constant presence in the lives of young millennials, especially within the college demographic. 

Taco Bell understood that they owned the late-night food cravings which primarily are within college areas.  

Taco Bell does its best to stay relevant to current pop culture icons that aren't long-lasting. 

Finding a way to move from "current culture" and to "of culture" associations is essential for a brand to grow especially with the consumers they are focusing on. 


1. Taco Bell is known to bring back favorite food items. 

Many restaurants within the quick-service industry look for consistency. Taco Bell breaks consistency. They want people to mix and match all types of different menu items to break the loop in your choices. 

2. Late-night grinders go to Taco Bell to break the cycle. 

Their customers are those who have the same pattern whether it's working all day or studying all night, going on late-night adventures. Taco Bell wants to be the brand that gives change in people's lives. 


Breaking the loop by tapping into "of cultural" icons. 


Taco Bell x Lofi Girl 



Who Is Lofi Girl?

Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 1.26.22 PM.png

Also known as the friend everyone needed during the pandemic. Lofi Girl is a world-renown streamer who enjoys studying.

Amassing over 10 million subscribers and has over 30k concurrent viewers. She is an icon amongst those who love to vibe, study and listen to music.

As you've probably assumed, she is a 2d animated icon. She has been live streaming for over 2 years. 


Just like her fans, she's never broken her cycle. 
Now it's time. 

The Plan:


During her live stream, Lofi Girl will finally get up and leave her room. 

launch tweet.png

Fans will immediately go on social to talk about her leaving, only to see a tweet from Lofi Girl. 


On the other side, her Twitter followers will rush over to YouTube to see what's going on. 

As fans of Lofi Girl search everywhere for any clues, Lofi Girl will Tweet again. 

reaction 2-02.png
reaction 4.png
reaction 1.png
reaction 3.png
TBxLG twitter thread.png

This is when Taco Bell and Lofi Girl tease their collaboration.


Lofi Girl returns back to her live stream with Taco Bell x Lofi Girl. 

This is when Lofi Girl will announce the collaboration along with the Taco Bell x Lofi Girl merch.


The Squad:

Pareesa Khwaja - Experience Designer

Vivien Zhu - Brand Manager 

Craig Kissoon - Copywriter

Kevin Nguyen - Strategist

Jay Do - Art Director

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