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Typography lead campaign that is for everyone 


My role:

Strategy - Narrative - Desk research - Creative concepting - Project Management 


Create a typographically-led campaign based upon or expanding the Articles of the UDHR as a call to action of awareness.  

Through typography, Google is looking to give voice to issues we believe are of consequence, or of relevance within our world. 



The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights  (UDHR) was set out, for fundamental human rights to be universally protected. 


UDHR - Article 14 

1. Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution. 

2.  This right may not be invoked in the case of prosecutions genuinely arising from non-political crimes or from acts contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations. 

Persecution is defined as:


"Hostility and ill-treatment, especially because of race or political or religious beliefs."

What about refugees who are fleeing that aren't facing these issues? 


Those who are left out of Article 14. 

6239f87ce6fe4f80234a8b4e_Supporting Image 1-p-2000.jpeg
6239f8fd0d121a4848cffc7b_Supporting Image 2-min-p-2000.jpeg
6239f96a16ff90daf23e6cd7_Supporting Image 3-min-p-2000.jpeg
6239f916a8ad7454330632bb_Supporting Image 4-p-2000.jpeg

Climate refugees have had no voice for far too long. 

Article 14 of the UDHR needs to change to include all refugees. 

Raise your voice. 

The Squad:

Pareesa Khwaja - Experience Designer

Vivien Zhu - Brand Manager 

Craig Kissoon - Copywriter

Kevin Nguyen - Strategist

Jay Do - Art Director

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